Rapidly wrap

Food packaging to maintain freshness

Food packaged optimally

The cello wrappers can also be used optimally in the food sector. Example Praline Box – In addition to practical reasons such as the protection against unintentional opening and the preservation of the freshness of the chocolates, the cellophane is also used to increase the anticipation of the delicacies in the box. People love to unpack gifts.

Our wrapping machines are easy to use, we will guide you on setting them up and using them. After you get started, you will find that you can wrap your products to a professional level, making your product look fantastic for your customers, whether shipped direct or on teh shop shelf.

After wrapping your product it will be protected from tampering and keep it looking new for longer. You will be able to wrap hundreds of items per hour with little practice.

We can take a sample of your products and wrap them with our films and send them back to you, so that you can see how professional and quality your products look when wrapped.

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